Lower Business Costs

Locating your business in a rural community gives you a distinct market advantage. Lower cost leases, land, utilities and taxes complement quality labor, amenities and sites.

Lifestyle Amenities

The call of the great outdoors heeds professionals seeking affordability and achievement. Top schools, healthcare, affordable homes, recreation and employment in key sectors draw engineers, skilled laborers and business service professionals to our communities. In fact, 72% of our workforce lives and works along the I-68 corridor, commuting less than 10 miles to work.

Leveraging Resources

The I-68 Regional Alliance maximizes the resources available to businesses along our corridor. We have the incentives and expertise to help you find the site, secure capital and grow. Resources include:

  • Business Location and Expansion
  • Capital Investment
  • Entrepreneurial Support
  • Loan Programs
  • Partnerships and Networking
  • Site Selection
  • Tax Credits
  • Workforce Training

Workforce Perks

Lifestyle Manufacturing

Aerospace Supply Chain