While the aerospace industry looks up for inspiration, they’re diligently focused on what’s ahead. Whether they’re supporting defense, saving lives or pushing the limits of discovery, our firms rely on an ecosystem of infrastructure, talent and technology to deliver on time and on budget. I-68’s business environment elevates supply chain processes and sends profits soaring.

Aerospace products and parts manufacturing is a key sector along our corridor. A steady workforce pipeline and savvy business incentives continually attract small-to-medium-sized firms seeking an edge in the marketplace. Access to America’s leading interstates allows for delivery to 158 million customers within a day’s drive. Whether you’re delivering to Portland or by way of the Panama Canal, links via air, rail and sea are close at hand.

Digital and physical technologies shape today’s manufacturing marketplace. Robotics, AI and systems integration at Northrop Grumman, Martin-Baker and Lockheed Martin require facilities that are tech forward and collaborative. From industry clusters at Barton Business Park for Advanced Manufacturing and the Johnstown Industrial Park to test facilities at Allegany Ballistics Laboratory and WVU, we provide the space for aviation excellence.

Advancement on High

Aerospace is one of the top 10 sectors for projected job growth in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Pennsylvania approved $1.7 million in grants to spur new manufacturing technologies in 2019.

West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania’s tax credits encourage firm attraction and relocation.

West Virginia’s Robert C. Byrd Institute Advanced Manufacturing Centers are globally-renowned.

WVU is one of the Best Value Aerospace Engineering Programs in the Nation.